New Friends, Same Stars, and An Unsuccessful Siege

Cold, wet, and after Ellifayne looked up at the stars and determined they were far east of where they had been, Cole, Ishtar, Ellifayne, Gaelron and Garcon looked around them. they were standing in a large open field, with nothing but tall grass and the occasional tree as far as they could see. Ishtar was still a were-rat and manacled. He hissed at the rest of them. Gaelron told everyone to watch Ishtar and began clearing the area for a campsite. He also dragged back a large fallen tree and started a fire, started setting up their wet belongings, and tied up the horses. Ishtar turned back into his normal self and they discussed what to do. With no clue where they were, other than east, they decided to head west in the morning. They also knew they had to find a cure for Ishtar's lycanthropy and Ishtar said he would consult with his god about the fastest route to a cure. The news from Ishtar's god was not good, but they moved east anyway. At night they shackled Ishtar, and with the moon almost full, there was no small amount of panic amongst them.

The next day as they were breaking camp, a man in chain mail walked towards them he had no pack of any kind and when hearing their tale, offered to help Ishtar (who hadn't told him anything was wrong). He led them to a small creek, instructed Ishtar to enter with him, and performed a simple ceremony over him. As Ishtar was drying off they heard rustling to the north and it seems they had been followed by a bipedal feline named Toshiro (who later showed them his extensive maps of the lands, which is when they determined they were very far from home, in uncharted lands) and his companion the Crimson Fist as well as an acrobat named Rashad and his small cloaked companion Mitt. They dined together in the brisk evening air and apparently when no one was looking the wandering soldier had vanished. In the morning, they found a bag addressed to them wishing them luck in their journey home, and within it was several magic items. Gaelron informed Toshiro they wanted to get supplies before heading west and he told them they should head southwest to the nearest town, which was about 2 days away. Before they arrived in town, they came upon a small farm-house and met its inhabitants who told a story of being assaulted by large lizard like creatures who really didn't harm them or take much, but who "stole their beauty". As they ate with this kind woman and her brother, Mitt, who had stayed in the barn, noticed these same large lizards trying to steal their horses. He let out a lionine roar and alerted his new friends who rushed out to see their horses (and gear) being ridden away by these armored bipedal lizards. Toshiro and the Crimson Fist began chasing the horses on foot, and the rest tried to launch a missile assault, but the bandits were already too far away. Quickly they gathered up what belongings they had taken inside, thanked the woman for dinner and followed the very noticeable path left by the galloping horses. Before leaving the woman asked if there was any way to get their beauty back for them, she would be eternally grateful. Eventually they all met up at a small cavern entrance the horses had headed into. With everyone accounted for they headed in, and after traveling but 100 feet or so emerged from the cave in the mountains (???). The air was thick with the smell of oil and metal, the ground was soft and the tracks were easily followable. Galeron led the quick paced march through this soggy land, saying on more than one occasion "Iíve got to get Dural back, heís a good horse." Off to the right they saw a tower that had partially fallen into the mud, and as they studied this leaning tower a mind-flayer ran from the structure, wildly moving, grabbing itís head. As it closed to within 100 yards of the party they watched in horror as itís head collapsed and it dropped to the ground dead/ They quickly picked up the pace and continued on. Whatever can do that to a mind-flayer is not something to be reckoned with they figured. Eventually, hey came across one of the horses corpses, stripped clean of all meat, and not that old. They found the trail led to a walled city, and after discussing ways to break in, the Crimson Fist volunteered to get them entry. He climbed the walls and found several guards. Swinging his sabres, one struck the hard stone and snapped, and as the city alarm went up and flare arrows were shot, he ran back down the wall, while Mitt waited for an opportunity to enter the city (after having fallen in his attempts to climb) and Rashad and Toshiro ran up to save the Crimson Fist (or at least provide support for him). Gaelron waited where he was, while everyone else fled to the north. Without too much difficulty, they all got out of the archer's visual and missile range and sped off into the hills, hoping to be able to pick up the trail of their companions. The Crimson Fist was nowhere to be seen, as was Mitt. But Toshiro sniffed the air and said the Fist would show up. Finding a small cave to stay while the mounted soldiers looked for the individuals foolish enough to lay siege to Ironridge, they slept a couple hours and found their companion's trail and met up with them. Mitt was missing, and Gaelron informed everyone he had to get Dural (his horse) and his equipment back while the trail was still warm. Garcon agreed, and they continued north, with everyone else following. Mitt had made his way into the city, but was caught and detained for several days. When he finally got out, he was unable to find his friend's trail, so he started to ply his trade in Ironridge. Every city needs a thief.

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