Victoria Wins Second Hammarstrom Plate

Victoria-- The recently re-located Victoria Cougars, late of Chicago, won their second Inge Hammarstrom Plate in front of their new home crowd. After last year's poor performance and front-office change, things weren't looking too good for the Cougars. The new management promised the fans a return to days of glory, and traded away big-time goal scorer to re-acquire Ab DeMarco Cup Champion Jeremy Roenick.

Brodeur Wins MVP, Demotion Still Likely

Martin Brodeur was the MVP of this year's Hammarstrom Tournament allowing only 5 goals in the three victories necessary to win this prestigious pre-season tournament. The Cougar's coach bucked convention by fielding what many are calling his B-Squad. He has been more than happy to speak to the press about this controversial move. "I've seen major injuries to big stars in the past, and we can't afford that this year. We knew we were playing in front of the hometown fans, and in no way did we want to give them anything less than great hockey, but part of the purpose of the pre-season is to give some guys a chance to skate who might be playing in minors during the regular season. Marty (Brodeur) had a decent season last year, but we felt he's made too many adjustments to keep the starting spot this year. We want him to re-adjust in the minors. o those who think I didn't want to win this tournament, I point to this!" The coach lifts teh Hammarstrom Plate above his head to the roar of teh crowd.

Hear Martin Brodeur's thoughts on last season and the one coming up.: