And Here We Shall Lay the Heroes to Rest Eternal

William Deterion --

440 - 569 AC

William was raised in one of the minor elven noble houses. William was not inclined to take part in all the rites of decorum that accompanied being the son of a noble and he sought amusement in the marketplace and back alleys. Because of his families status he was able to train with the court mage and study the arts of illusion. Combined with his passion for street life and underhanded dealing makes William quite forgettable, which is exactly how he would want it. William watched in horror as his father was murdered by a family heirloom set of daggers. These daggers are rumored to have the ability to steal a person's soul. These daggers disappeared with the murderer, and William left the comforts of his lifestyle in search of them. William will best be remembered for bright ideas and not-so bright actions. Many times he acted before he thought, leaping into danger, quick to pick up a shiny gem or open a locked door. William met his fate at the hands of a Marauder of Raekash while under a charm spell.

Brock Bazarian --

512 - 569 AC

The party's benefactor, mid 50s, knows everyone in Gurdikar and everyone knows him. Has helped each member of the party get equipped and ready to make a name for themselves and has never asked for anything back. Funny, no one has ever seen him work either, though he lives quite an affluent lifestyle. Brock was killed in the assault of Gurdikar.

Ferdian Ahli --

546 - 569 AC

A member of the Brotherhood of Ishkalan, God of Athletics and Healing, Ferdian was rescued by Cole, N'kazz and William in the Tor. He decided to stay with his saviors for awhile to help rid the valley of evil. His proficiecy with healing and athletic abilities make him a valuable addition. Ferdian was killed by a ferocious Arumvorax who felt that the cave that served as an entrance to her lair was being disturbed by a group of PCs setting up camp their. Ferdian was helpless as this sinewy golden beast rended terrible holes in his flesh.

Grizwald Geargrinder (The Spice Gnome)--

500 - 569 AC

This stocky gnome moved to Gurdikar when his nose was pea-sized, his father had been hired to be the town's blacksmith. Grizwald enjoyed helping his father in the forge, but tinkered with anything he could get his stubby fingers on. He found his calling as a priest of Spirolus, God of invention. Clad in his custom gnomish plate and wielding any number of bizarre weapons, this stocky gnome is truly a sight to behold rumbling into battle as quick as his short legs will get him there. He has developed a fondness for Garcon, as it seems neither has much of an attention span and together they are prone to wander off. Grizwald was killed defending his family's smithy in the assault upon Gurdikar.

Fadiman Clanihan (The Fabulous Flying Fadimon)--

544 - 569 AC

The son of a reknown warrior and beautiful mage, Fadiman was schooled in both subjects, and rejected and embraced each of them. He was a smart enough student to become passable with both sword and spell. The key element here is looking good, his aptitude for both suffered from his lack of passion for either occupation. Fadiman's real passion was looking good at the local tavern. He spent most of his teen years at the Inn of the Smiling Monkey telling tales, getting into fights, and getting drunk. To hear him tell it, Fadiman is the greatest swordsman in Calerun. To watch him swing his kukri, one would be hard pressed to debate this. He dresses in nothing but black and somehow is able to keep a permament growth of five o'clock shadow. His swarthy good looks contrast with Kendrake's sophistication. His body was found impaled upon the pole arm of a dead Mandalorian in the assault of Gurdikar.

Cole Silva

545-569 AC

A Freedom Fighter of Eberon, Cole prefers a ceiling of stars and leaves to indoor confines. He enjoys talking to Shavra as much as any other member of the party. He proudly wears the White Wolf symbol of his god, even more significant as he was rescued from certain death as a child by a fellow priest in wolf-form. The only member of the party with healing spells, he can be everyone's best friend. Cole was quiet, loyal, always willing to lend a hand or healing spell. He was not the sturdiest member of the party, but always placed himself near the front rank. Quiet nobility personified, he died at the hands of trolls in the tomb while searching for Garcon’s spellbook. He may never get home, but his spirit soars high now.

Ishtar Kiriak


Not much is known of this Moor from the lands of Qush. He is a voyager of Prentios, until recently he was teamed up with Arutha and asked to enter thetemple to recover the Torc as well. Seems like more a thinker than the rest of the party, but is willing to play the impulsive game. It was he who discovered the Decanter of Endless Blood. He is armed with a beautiful long sword which he handles quite well and a bizarre crossbow. He seems most interested in new experiences, and spends a good deal of time writing in a weathered journal. He was captured by (most likely) Yuan Ti traders and his fate is most likely far worse than death.

Sergeant Gaelron the Unstrikeable

533-569 AC

This one-time soldier of the Caleran army entered military service at the age of 16 and by the age of 20 had been promoted to the rank of sergeant and put in charge of a group of 20 elite soldiers under the leadership of General Leyallen. It was this regiment that was instrumental in returning Lord Koraan to the his rightful post as ruler of the land. Recently he has taken a leave of absence from the army to return home as he has no word from his family in over 5 years. He came upon Ishtar, Cole, Garcon, Stinky and Ellifayne camping in the woods, having just killed three attacking owlbears and since they were all headed in the same general direction asked to accompany them. When the party ended up in whereabouts unknown, Gaelron never lost faith that he would one day get home. An honorable soldier who always watched out for "his troops", he may have seemed gruff but ultimately was good to his word and had a heart of gold. He lost his life trying to save the party from numerous trolls. He might have been saved, but pressed the party on, knowing it was a lost cause, and one life was enough to lose.


562-569 AC

This Thri-keen (a huge bug) hails from Imrenaq, a nation to the north of where the party met him. He proved himself a worthy ally in their first assault against the orcs, ogres and ettins guarding the entrance to the tomb where their goods lie. Being a bug, he cannot speak a "common" tongue, but understands it and Ishtar has helped whim by occasionally mind-linking with him. He has told the party that his village was raided by Yuan-ti slavers and he has been traveling towards the League of the Forked Tongue to exact revenge. He wields a wicked pole-arm, and has proven to be both vicious and resourceful in battle. The Big Bug was a great fighter and although he only communicate through rude sign language, seemed to care for the party a great deal and insisted on being in the front rank (plus he was just so damn big, he was like the front two ranks by himself). He was surrounded by orcs who were able to beat him almost to a pulp and when the trolls arrived it was too late for him to do anything. The trolls put on little bibs with Thri-Kreen on them, dipped his legs in butter and enjoyed their feast.

Garcon Chaoz

544-569 AC

Trained in the arts of wild magic, this "mage" travels the country in tie-dyed robes with an afro taller than any helm in the land (courtesy of a wild surge). Garcon revels in wild-magic, and has been known to call forth a surge just to see what happens. He thinks he has seen Asmodeus once, but he can't be quite sure. Never content to sit still, he'll down dwarven spirits at the tavern or just wander off in search of "adventure". Adventures have followed him and Kendrake since they became friends. He longs to get his hands on any mage's spell books as not many are willing to risk their own spells for a wild-mage. Could it be ominous that he is the most gifted-mage this party has? After his spellbook was taken by looters he became obsessed with recovering it. His tunnel vision did not allow to see his friends and comrades falling all around him , and eventually he himself fell to the trolls inside the tomb of Siryl Rex.

Toshiro Mifune

569 AC

A bipedal siamese cat? Yes. One with maps of the eastern part of the continent? Yes. A guide? Yup. Armed with two exotic short swords, knowledge about local peoples and customs, often found napping in a warm spot in the sun. Absolutely to all of the above. He first found the party as they camped their first night in Sondoval, he quietly followed them and when his traveling companion broke their cover, introduced himself and offered his services. A bit of a loner, his insight and input have proven invaluable thus far, but he seems to be most comfortable doing his own thing. A cat, doing their own thing? No way... Intrigued at the idea that there were lands he had not been to, nonetheless even heard of, he agreed to accompany Garcon, Cole, Gaelron, Ishtar and Ellifayne home in the hopes that he could see this new world. It’s too bad this agreement led him into the tomb of Siryl Rex as the cunning trolls led by the cunnning and intelligent Naga apparently developed a taste for cat.

The Crimson Fist (AKA Kevin Madison)

545-569 AC

This caped crusader grew up in barbaric Sondoval gathering as many tales as he could of the Black Fist of Justice, a less barbaric hero of the lands, who used his wits and skill to thwart evil and stop the crime that ran rampant in the lands. Kevin tried his best to emulate the Black Fist (the best he could, being that most tales were more urban folk-lore than fact) and set out to rise above the barbarism he had grown up in. He studied the sabre, and apprenticed with the town mage and at night would sneak around on the rooftops and alleys looking for crime and when he made a friend of a traveler through his home town, the feline humanoid Toshiro, he left his backwater upbringing to explore the world. He looked for justice and he found nothing but death. He protested more than once when his allies spoke of entering Siryl Rex’s tomb, but was eventually coerced with cries of injustice. Apparently the great stone block that had crushed him had also crushed his spirit as the Fist seemingly was tired of all the fighting and after they had been outsmarted by the trolls was quickly defeated after his spirits fell.


???-569 AC

While the party was following the trail of the marauders who stole their gear (and Garcon’s spell book), they came across this severe looking fellow. Hairless, dressed in practical black traveling gear, they could see through the covering over his face that he was robbed of his beauty. He seems to have proficiency with magic, as evidenced by his almost-constant state of flight. It was he who first entered the decrepit temple while looking for their gear (and beauty), flying past the chained ettin and coming face to hideous face with a naga. Sinjin, more than anyone, wanted revenge on the naga, he wanted his beauty back; he kept claiming to be handsome, cute even (with a wink to Ellifayne). In their final assault and approach after they were cramped in the tunnel approaching the naga’s lair. Sinjin flew over Urik and the troll who’d come in seeking revenge, and after the naga sealed off the tunnel’s entrance with a wall of force, Sinjin fought valiantly against the naga and her trolls and orcs. It looked like he might just be able to get out alive when a wicked blow by one of the trolls across his face caused his eyes to bleed. With a scream he dropped to the ground and the carnivorous monsters leaped on him.

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