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Thanks for visiting the Official Mister Density web-page. Leave all those sucker Crispin pages behind and come to the source of all the hoopla! The reason for starting this site is purely vengeful: before we started MD there were no CHG sites on this here internet. And I know from personal experience that there are folks out there who're Density followers who talk up the man and quote "scripture" without giving us our due. This seems to be the best way to set the record straight and get what's coming to us (no, not a cease and desist order!).

Following is a never-before-published-in-Mister-Density introduction to what were all about and some scans of covers and other goodies contained within the pages of this legendary magazine.

Other features to be on the lookout for: reviews of MD, more scans, actual articles reprinted from the pages of MD, all new articles...


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Cover of #3: Wherein We Stumble Upon Quite a Conspiracy.

Cover of #4: The famous Paper Airplane Issue.

Cover of #5: Our One Year Anniversary!.

Cover of #6: Correspondence From Rubin Farr.

Cover of #7: Worlds Collide, Hipsters Stand in Line as Brocktoon Meets Mr. Density.

Warning All of the Material Contained Within is Copyright of Density Publishing, 2018. Okay, some of the images aren't, but we are a non-profit and although we talk big we never made any money and we loved that shark movie and even that remake of Peter Pan.