Authorities seeks Five in Frequent Flyer Scam!!!

Winter 568 AC

Caleran-- With the destruction of Gurdikar came questions. Who did it? Why? Sages and mystics have come up with many possible causes, but many lines of inquiry seem to lead to the conclusion that the followers of Moebis are probably involved. How will these events unfold? Lord Koraan had recently enlisted the help of a group of young adventurers who seemed to have stumbled across some startling information. But this group had to hold off on delivering their news due to a pressing previous engagment. Is it too late???

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Five hearty adventurers took an unscheduled flight from the Spiky Mountains to somewhere far, far away. How ill they adjust to their new environment, new politics, new cultures. Stay tuned to follow the adventures of these brave individuals as they forge heretofore unseen parts of the world. We will be with them on every step of this voyage, chronicling the events that transpire, the people they meet and the places they explore. --

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