The Gods

GOD       SEX  ALIGN.   PORTFOLIO                                                         COLORS                   SYMBOL                                       WORSHIPPER'S ALIGN.     ALLIES                                          ENEMIES
Moebis	   M	NE	The Underdark, Darkness, Caverns	                          Black, Luminous Green	   Cavern Entrance with Stalagmites as Teeth	LE, NE, CE, N, CN	Malafea, Ulkor, Oeriel	                        Yahr, Aetiani, Sela, Tiburon, Ursolas
Yahr	   M	LN(E)	Air, Sun, Sky, Flying, Rulership, Law	                          Blue, Silver, Red	   Corona	                                LG, LN, LE	        Liberus, Klaag, (Tiburon)	                Moebis, Malafea, Ulkor, Meandra, Muolkh
Sela	   F	NG	Nature, Beauty, Growth, Rebellion, Fertility	                  Jade, Silver	           Acorn Growing in Rock	                NG, N	                Eberon, Donis, Celias, Aetiani, Hes	        Moebis, Oeriel, Raekash
Tiburon	   M	CN	Storms, Weather, Oceans, Water,  Destruction	                  Turquoise	           Shark's Tooth	                        CG, CN, CE, N	        Ursolas, (Yahr)	                                Ulkor, Malafea, Moebis, Spirolus
Malafea	   F	CE	Fire, War, Tyranny	                                          Crimson, Rust	           Flaming Eye	                                CN, NE, CE	        Moebis, Ulkor, Muolkh, Raekash	                Tiburon, Yahr, Klaag, Aetiani, Hes, Liberus

Ulkor	   M	LE	Earth, Changelessness, Solidarity, Mining	                  Brown, Grey	           Stone Fist Rising From Earth Holding Pick	LN, LE, N, NE	        Moebis, Malafea, Orn	                        Yahr, Tiburon, Biakh, Meandra, Spirolus, Ursolas
Spirolus   M	LN	Construction, Craft, Invention, Creativity, Magic	          Yellow, Purple	   Gears	                                Any but CE	        Liberus, Klaag, Verdani, Prentios	        Ulkor, Raekash, Oeriel, Muolkh, Tiburon
Verdani	   F	CG(N)	Wild Nature, Magic, Passion, Festivals, Celebration	          Green, Gold, Violet	   Grapevine	                                NG, N, CG, CN	        Hes, Spirolus, Sela, Celias, Eberon	        Raekash, Muolkh
Liberus	   F	LN	Time, Discipline, Justice, Skill	                          Off White	           Hourglass	                                LG, LN, LE, N	        Spirolus, Ishkalan, Yahr, Aetiani, Klaag	Meandra, Mulokh, Oeriel, Malafea, (Biakh)
Meandra	   F	CE	Lies, Intrique, Mischief, Secrets, Deception, Illusion, Mist	  Grey	                   Snake's Eye	                                NE, CE, CN	        Muolokh, Orn, Yif, Oeriel	                Liberus, Ulkor, Yahr, Aetiani, Klaag, Prentios
Ursolas	   F	N(G)	Moon, Dreams, Stars, Wanderers	                                  Midnight Blue, Silver	   Moon	                                        NG, N, NG, CN	        Tiburon, Prentios	                        Ulkor, Moebis, Oeriel
Raekash	   M	NE	Rage, Battle, Marauding, Stalking, Blood, Murder	          Scarlet, Black	   Black Dagger Dripping Blood	                NE	                Malafea, Oeriel, Trela	                        Eberon, Klaag, Aetaini, Verdani, Sela, Spirolus, Hes
Eberon	   M	CG	The Hunt, Freedom, Forests	                                  Brown, Green	           White Wolf	                                CG, CN, NG, N	        Verdani, Sela, Hes	                        Raekash, Oeriel, Moulokh

Ishkalan   M	N	Healing, Athletics, Strength, Youth	                          Blue, Red	           Cupped Hands	                                Any Non-Evil	        Liberus, Aetiani, Biakh	                        Oeriel, Mulokh
Hes	   F	CG	Love, The Arts, Eloquence, Happiness, Joy, Peace	          Rose, Silver	           Rose	                                        LG, NG, N, CG, CN	Verdani, Celias, Eberon, Sela, Donis            Raekash, Oeriel
Prentios   M	NG	Knowledge, Travel	                                          Emerald, White	   Seven Pointed Star	                        Any Non-Evil	        Ursolas, Spirolus	                        Meandra
Oeriel	   M	CE	Darkness, Disease, Plague, Poison	                          Black and Green	   Black Fanged Human Skull	                N, LE, NE, CE	        Moebis, Trela, Meandra, Malafea	                Sela, Spirolus, Liberus, Ursolas, Eberon, Hes
Aetiani	   F	LG	Endurance, Perserverance, Children,  Matyrdom, Oaths, Guardians	  Silver, Gold, Red	   Circle Divided into Four Quarters	        LG	                Sela, Liberus, Ishkalan	                        Moebis, Meandra, Raekash
Biakh	   M	CN	Luck, Gaming, Accidents, Fortune/ Misfortune, Wild Magic	  Copper, Scarlet	   Coin with Laughing Face	                CG, CN, CE	        Ishkalan, Yif, Celias, (Donis)	                Ulkor, (Donis), (Liberus)
Yif	   M	CN	Thieves, Trickery, Shadows	                                  Grey, Orange	           A Lurking Figure	                        Any But LG, LN	        Meandra, Biakh, Muolkh	                        Klaag, Aetiani, Prentios
Klaag	   M	LG	War, Loyalty, Victory, Justice	                                  Gold, Steel	           Mailed Fist	                                LG, LN, NG, CG	        Yahr, Spirolus, Liberus	                        Meandra, Raekash, Yif
Muolokh	   M	LE	Corruption, Wealth, Trade, Waste	                          Gold, Black	           Black Heart with Maggots	                LE, NE, CE	        Malafea, Meandra, Yif	                        Yahr, Spirolus, Verdani, Liberus, Eberon

Donis	   M	NG	Spring, Rebirth, Good Fortune, Farming	                          Sky Blue, Yellow	   3 Stars in a Triangle	                LG, NG, CG, N	        Sela, Celias, Hes, (Biakh)	                (Biakh)
Celias	   F	CG(N)	Summer, Celebration, Gardeners	                                  Green, Gold	           Leaping Stag	                                CG, CN, NG, N	        Sela, Verdani, Hes, Biakh, Donis	
Trela	   F	NE	Autumn, Decay, Rotting	                                          Dark Brown, Black	   Tree with One Leaf	                        N, NE, LE, CE, CN	Raekash, Oeriel	
Orn	   M	CE	Winter, Annihilation, Pain, Torture	                          White, Ice Blue	   Icicle Piercing Human Heart	                CE, NE	                Ulkor, Meandra	

The Walker N	N	Birth, Death	                                                  Bone, Yellow	           Bone Circlet	                                All		

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