Moebis     Pitch black humanoid male, amorphous with luminescent green eyes and mouth.
Yahr       Human male, 50s, long red hair in tight braid, fu-manchu moustache, silver plate armor with red trim, armed with blue hammer like gavel.
Sela       Middle-aged black woman, dressed in soft leather, always carries pouch with seeds, frequently appears as a Tabaxi.
Tiburon    Reef giant of varying size in loincloth or giant sized great white shark.
Malafea    Female drow with fire for hair and eyes, crimson chain mail, wields whip of flame.

Ulkor      Dwarf made of stone, wields pick axe, turns into umber hulk.
Spirolus   Twin of Liberas, old male elf, wears ugly yellow and purple robes, absent minded.
Verdani    Attractive female grugach, dressed in animal pelts,always has a flask with hard liquor.
Liberas    Twin of Spirolus, immaculately presented in loose off-white robes.
Meandra    Yuan-ti, frequently female humanoid with forked tongue, slits for eyes, four arms each with dagger.
Ursolas    Albino woman, unearthly beautiful, rarely speaks, dressed in simple midnight blue dress.
Raekash    Black wolfwere, cloaked, armed with 2 shortswords.
Eberon     Human male, 30's, white hair and beard, armed with great bow, turns into white wolf.

Ishkalan   Young Mediterranean male dressed in blue loincloth.
Hes        Slightly plump Asian woman, dressed comfortably.
Prentios   Bald, weathered male elf, indistinguishable age, emerald eyes, glasses, dressed in leather armor.
Oeriel     Sick, pestilent teenaged human male.
Aetiani    Female Indian, early fifties, silver hair, dressed in gold plate, stigmataed hands, always walks.
Biakh      Young blonde carefree male, dressed in scarlet puffy shirt, always has a bag of dice.
Yif        Elf with black hair, grey eyes, gaunt, carries many hidden daggers.
Klaag      Indeterminate aged human male, van-dyke beard, shaved head, two-handed sword, gold scale mail.
Muolkh     Fat black human male, excessive jewelry, fat fingers with many rings.

Donis      Young blonde male, laurel wreath around head.
Celias     Young female, dressed in tattered gold peasant blouse, bosom overflowing, well tanned.
Trela      Young girl, dressed in long brown travelling cloak, one hand withered holding rotten apple.
Orn        Frost bitten human male, black hair, barely dressed in baby seal's pelt, carries spiked snow tool.

The Walker It is said he assumes the role of one recently dead, however he appears in a location far removed from the deathplace.

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