A brief history of Terratha.

-2700 First Age-- The First Empire Rises.

-2200 FA-- Steel is discovered/ invented.

-1200 FA-- The First Great War, between the worshippers of Moebis and the surface races. Moebis' avatar is defeated by Gurdikar and his worshippers are driven underground.

-200 FA-- The Second Great War, between Tiburon and Ulkor. At this point Ulkor was one of the Greater Gods of Terratha. He longed for the affections of Ursolas who was linked with Tiburon. Ulkor's attention drove Tiburon mad. It is said the tides are a consequence of this struggle.

-1 FA-- The Deluge of Tiburon. Driven insane by Ulkor's constant attention to Ursolas, Tiburon unleashes his power with great floods. Mountains become islands; cities are destroyed; nations are wiped out. It is only with the intervention of Yahr that these floods are stopped. Yahr concludes that Ulkor has upset the delicate balance. Ulkor is stripped of soem of his power and becomes a lesser God. The floods finally stop.

60 years After the Cataclysm-- Great unrest and social disorder throughout the land. People are trying to re-establish communities and bandits are terrorizing these loose bands of people.

130 AC-- Lord Pitok Mazzeltan assumes control of Caleran and tries to claim much of Terratha under his control. The Mazzeltan family's rule is characterized by underhanded dealings and heavy taxation.

230 AC-- The reign of Lord Prassad Mazzeltan's rule is characterized by great wealth for those with any money at all. Decadence is the order of the day for this select few.

290 AC-- The oppressed people of Greater Terratha are united by Trent Vaugon in revolt against the Mazzeltan family.

370 AC-- The Orange Death plague spreads through the land killing hundred's of thousands. Victims are identified by the bright orange pallor of their skin. Temples to Oeriel spring up throughout Terratha.

450 AC-- The Greater Council of Orcs declare war on Greater Terratha for what they percieve to be injustices done to them. Lord Jamilison is criticized for trying to negotiate with the Orcs instead of striking first. He is ousted by a group led by Sunlord Meshax Tahn. Meshax organizes the land's troops against the raiding goblinoids. The battle wages on for fifty years with neither side gaining any advantage and both sides suffering great losses.

500 AC-- Mandalor, a lieutenant of the aged Meshax and fellow Sunlord of Yahr, stages an attack on the Orcs that tips the scales. Meshax gives control of the armies to this tactical genius. The Orcs were swiftly defeated by the armies led Mandalor and peace was restored to the land. This period of tranquility was short-lived as he did not dispatch his armies and sought instead to expand his empire. Thus The Mandalorian Empire was founded. Quickly, the borders expanded as most were more than happy to be protected by this great leader and those that did stand up to his armies were quickly eliminated.

550 AC-- Beqor Cale unites a small group of rebels and stages guerrilla strikes against the Mandalorian armies. Soon he has the support of the people North of the Great Harbor. He sets up outposts on easily defendable borders and is declared Lord by the people. He reluctantly accepts the position and provides protection for those under his reign. Mandalor decides that he will ignore this thorn in his side for the time being while he attempts to increase his kingdom.

556 AC-- The Kingdom of Giants to the south of the Mandalorian Empire stage an invasion of the Mandalorian Empire. This epic raid greatly diminishes the kingdom and rule of Mandalor's heir, Rolfgar the Fist of Yahr.

559 AC-- The Caleran Empire is thrown into upheaval when an attempt is made on the life of Beqor. Consulting with his advisors who employ various divination spells it is determined that the attempt was made by someone close to Beqor and is not connected to the Mandalorian Empire in any way. Beqor considers stepping down from the position he never wanted to begin with but is talked out of this by his closest advisors. However a second attempt on his life succeeds and ,along with his wife, he is brutally murdered. His young son escapes with the aid of Counselor Herek, Beqor's long-time friend. Several individuals attempt to claim the throne and the Empire is divided.

563 AC-- War is declared on the divided Caleran Kingdom by the Elves in the Forest of Llyrh who seek to re-establish order in the chaos following Beqor's death. The Elves' army is smal and although they meet with little resistance after the first battle Lady Shoshanas Arianrae decided that their forces would be too depleted by the time they reached port Auldmark. She decides to withdraw her declaration of war until she can muster up a force large enough to restore order to the entire kingdom.

567 AC-- The entire western coastline is attacked by raiders from the Pirate Confederacy to the far west. Although most of the port cities are unprepared for the devastating naval attacks of these looters, the casualty count is low and, after 27 days of battle, the pirates all withdraw.

568 AC-- After growing to manhood and wandering the lands in search of adventure, the prodigal son returns to Caleran. Koraan Cale enters Port Auldmark and declares himself leader of this still chaotic land. He elects a Council of Three to aid him in ruling, but certainly this youth's tales of bravery and fearlessness have been heard of throughout the Terratha before his true identity was known. With his Council of Three he has restored order the Caleran, made peace with the elves and fortified against the still strong Mandalorian Empire.

569 AC-- The famous city of Gurdikar is laid to waste, apparently at the hands of the Mandalorians. A brave group of adventurers heads towards Port Auldmark to warn Lord Koraan.

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