My name is Barak. I work on the internet, and I have actually found time to put up something for a web-page. There is an old saying about the painter's house always needing to be painted. The same thing is true of us folks who work on the internet. I guess.

Eventually I want to have an extensive page on one of my favorite actors, Randy Quaid. He makes any movie a whole lot better. For an excellent example of his talents, watch the movie Quick Change. He's been nominated for an Oscar, several Emmys and Golden Globes. Blah blah blah. His work speaks for itself. (Is that grammatically correct? I don't think so.)


Altor Speaks: Interview with the alien Altor.
My cookbook: Some great recipes I've found. They're not mine, I take no credit for them. Try them out though.
The company I work for: Free homepages. Without all the blather.
Destroying Emily: A journal

Randy Quaid. Actor Extraordinaire.