The Major Kingdoms

Kingdom                    Type of Government                              Kingdom's Alignment
                           Ruler- Class
The Aeris Confederacy      Communal Living                                     CG 
                           Loosely Run by Tarniscus (Brass Dragon)
Caleran                    Monarchy with Elected Council (Council of Three)    NG(L)
                           Lord Koraan Cale- Fighter
Cimer                      Autocracy- Always Neutral                           N
                           Thibor Njal- Fighter/ Thief
Darag                      Monarchy                                            LG
                           King Brickle Blackhand- Fighter
Fereng                     Magocracy                                           NG
                           Magia Alsabet Tesh- Mage

Forest of Llyrh            Magocracy                                           LN
                           Lady Shoshanas Arianrae- Mage
Hyrakia                    Dictatorship                                        CE
                           Samed Mubikar- Frostmaster of Orn

Khibornak                  Syndicracy                                          N(G)
                           Leader Glitch of the Pipe- Thief
Kiam                       Hierarchy of Spirolus                               LN
                           High Engineer Nomo Orico

Mandalorian                Autocratic Theocracy Militocracy                    LE
                           Rolfgar Mandalor, The Fist of Yahr- Sunlord of Yahr

Qush                       Seafaring Confederacy                               CG
                           The High Mook Bozak- Thief

Rusk                       Religious Militocracy of Klaag                      LG
                           Khan Noonin Singh- Paladin of Klaag

Stygia                     Dictatorship                                        NE
                           Vrykolas the Eternal- Lich

Thule                      Satrapy (run by Manadlorians)                       LE
                           Baron Lashen Husk- Sunlord of Yahr

Vord                       Gynarchy                                            NG
                           High Mistress Dahlin- Druid of Sela

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