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My name is Barak.
My parents did a lot of drugs in the 60s when they were attending Wesleyan.
It's a Biblical name.
Funky names were all the rage.
My brother (8 1/2 years younger) is named Chris.
I can't even tell you what my middle name is, they made it up.
Strange facts about me: I got my ear partially cut off at the Empire State Plaza when I was in 2nd grade. I had a rare bone disorder, perthies disease, that made it so I had to use crutches when I was 4. I was a very small child. With very small crutches.
After various jobs: delivering whole wheat pizza, substitute teaching, teaching reading and study skills at the US Naval Academy, and being in "collections" at American Honda Finance, I now have a job at, where I am a taxonomy editor. I look at web-sites all day.
My proudest moment at Tripod was when we had to submit our New Years's resolutions. One of mine was for more hugging. Some of the higher-ups thought this was inappropriate, in a sexual harassment sense, if I was managerial. They contacted fellow moustachio Dave Stewart, who informed them that I didn't manage anything.

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My dad is a sculptor.
My mother is crazy. I have not seen her since 1984.
I live alone.
Soon I will get many cats.
They will help me eat all the ravioli.


Me and my really close friends are growing moustaches.
My other friends and I like to throw rocks.


I like to watch TV.
My favorite food is Fool's Gold Loaf.
My favorite band is Ween.
I have the lyrics to "the Rose" tatooed on my back.