Interesting People (those not specifically trying to kill the PCs)

Broosh-- An ogre rescued from certain death in a temple of Raekash. Broosh helped the party bash things and killed many Marauders oF Raekash before esacaping that foul place. (If an ogre calls it foul, that is very bad.) He picked up an ornate ax before escaping. Those that knew Broosh described him as ill-tempered, bullying, and just plain mean. This did not stop him from helping the party out (for awhile).

N'Kazz-- Once the unofficial leader of the party, this mischevious goblin vanished after waking up Garcon to sit watch. While Garcon picked his afro to get that extra-bushy look, N'Kazz stole away into the night. For awhile, the party thought he might have headed into Dragonjaw to meet up with them, but he has not been seen or heard from since. Of course, since he was the leader, he had a good amount of treasure on him that had yet to be divided up. Perhaps this was his intent. N'Kazz is not a thief though.

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