I attended my first OurCon back in 1996 and am proud to report that I was the only survivor of the very beefed up First Edition Ravenloft adventure. While the rest of my party was quickly turned into undead I made my escape out the chimney and when I stepped from the mists I quickly stepped back and waited. As the dim sun rose I was offered an escape in exchange for several of my magic items. I hastily accepted. Last year I got to play a (some would say, though not me) deranged German secret-agent named Dieter who, along with my super-patriot comrade (and his tank), was responsible for the death of three PCs (two of them twice). Now, Pete and I (pictured below) along with a super-cool young lady Elise will be running the next OurCon and we hope to make it bigger and better than ever!

Here's the real OurCon page!

Pete and I give the Big Thumbs Up after trapping all the PCs on a demi-plane in our Adventure, Pulp Dungeon: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (for a change of pace the PCs were The Bad).

Effective keys to co-Dming a game: Pete describes the action while I see how many dice I can fit in my mouth.

Look at all those women... Roleplaying!!! One of the male players commented that he felt there was a great disturbance in the balance of the universe that day. We had 12 players for our game and 7 of them were women.

Taketh Me To The Home of Thou.