The Lost Ones

Ellifayne Silvertree-- This elfmaiden, from the Forest of Llyrh joined the group quite accidentally. When they were convening outside of the Cold Spring she was moving through the woods, doing her best to avoid the inordinate amount of soldiers peculiarly camped in the area, heading towards the Hermitage on the Lake. Seen by one of the many soldiers in the are who presumed she was with the small group outside of town she was dragged along with them to meet Sir Lance Vandric. Talking with Ishtar, they both realized they were headed for the same area and since fate had thrown them together, decided that it would not be wise to tamper with such things, so she journeyed with them into the Spikey Mountains. She wears the crescent moon symbol of Ursolas, the Moon Goddess and her healing abilities as well as her proficiency with the mace are both a valuable asset to the group.

Rashad-- This dark-skinned fellow introduced himelf to the rest of the party by leaping across a 15 feet river right into camp. He then proceeded to give a demonstration of his juggling skills while Ellifayne hardily encouraged, and teh rest of these scowlers wearily looked on. He has a shadow, in the form of a short cloaked individual, who more often than not is nowhere to be found. Perhaps Rashad's penchant for amusemenst will prove a blessing to this at times overly serious party.

Robert Hall- (pronounced Ro-bear) presumably a mage and scholar, he approached the party invisibly claiming to be a biographer of teh Crimson Fist. He definitely is a learned fellow, knowing all sorts of obscure facts on a multitude of subjects. His gentle lute playing in camp has helped soothe the unease brought on by all the death around them.

Ferens- Black skin with a tint of red, with flickering red eyes, this mage has a penchant for fire. Even the most ordinary spell cast by him has an aura of flame about it, whether it is teh small flames that propel him when levitating or the magical flickers of flame that leave his fingers when he looks for secret doors. No one knows too much about him, he apparently followed teh party into teh tomb, and when things were getting very difficult with trolls, he called down to them to exit the large room they were all in and cast a huge ball of flame into teh room, setting flame to teh trolls (finally) and allowing the surviving members a safe retreat. He followed with them back to camp and kept the conversation either misdirected on him or directed towards the tomb.

Who makes the lives of these adventurers difficult?

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