PCs say the darndest things.

What good would any Chronicle be without quotes?

These are actual quotes said during gameplay, either in character or out of character and all worth bonus experience points.

In Character

"This doesn't look familiar."-- Ferdian, when trying to remember if he had been down a certain corrider. Mind you, he was blindfolded when he first went down the corridor.

You see a large steaming cauldron before you. N'kazz "I pee in it." You see N'kazz take out his little grey pee-pee.

"First he plays children's games, now he cries like a baby." N'kazz, referring to the emotional, yet flighty Grey Elf, Arutha who previously had suggested "eenie, meenie, miney moe" as a good method of choosing a direction and who later cried when finding a necklace made of elven ears.

"Do elves have cycles?" asked Gaelron when Ellifayne, the elf-maiden was acting quite a bit crankier than normal.

Out of Character

"He can't hear you, he's deaf." Chris (Fadiman) to the DMs, explaining why Rob (Grizwald) didn't answer a question. The PC's were deafened by the terrible noise that accompanies the expulsion of gas from a bombadier beetle.

Who said that?: If an infinite number of fish fall on an infinite number of typewriters, Shakespeare's complete works would be written.
It's bad luck just hearing that.: