Dominant Races

Description              General Alignment and Government
Red Hair, Green Eyes     LE (Nazi-like), Autocratic, Theocracy, Militocracy
Mediterranean            NG, Democracy
Native American          CN, Nomads, Enslaved by LE Satrapy
African                  C, Seafaring Confederacy

Gold Elves               LN, Magocracy, Prejudiced with Feelings of Superiority
Grugach                  CN, Tribal, Extremely Xenophobic, Leadership by Force

Major Races

Reef Giants              NG, Monarchy, City of Giants (Coralis)
Fire Giants              LE, Feudalism
Stone Giants             N(Greedy), Merchant Caravans, Mercenaries

Lizardmen                NE, Plutocracy (Wealth is Power)

Tabaxi                   CE(lazy), Hunter/ Warriors, Tabaxi Lord in Lost City

Minor Races

Mountain Dwarves         LG, Monarchy, Main Stronghold at High Crag (Surly, Dour)
Gully Dwarves            NG, Usually Dwarves

Beastmen                 N(G), Gynarchy
Trolls (all types)       CE, Gynarchy
Aarakocra                NG, Oligarchy
Orc                      LE, Dictatorship
Mongrelmen               LN, Republic
Goblin                   LE, Syndicracy
Yuan-Ti                  CE, Theocracy
Alaghi                   N(G), Geriatocracy

and many more races in smaller numbers.

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