Its Real.

I can marry people. But then again these folks will give one of these to just about anyone. I keep mine in case I decide I want to go to Las Vegas and make a little extra coin.

What I think brought this about (pure speculation here) was a group of people getting together and deciding that the tax breaks and other amenities offered to clergy was unfair. And what if one of them declared to be a minister and had an actual following (think Waco). Shouldnt they be eligible as well for the tax-free life and special license plates? If not, how fair is that to religions in their infant stages. Is a rabbi or Catholic priest any more legitimate than the head of the Church of Cheese? These individuals then brought their case before the Supreme Court (fact) and won the right to anoint ministers into their church. From what I understand there are actual fellowships with parishioners (indeed, if you open the door, there are the people), but I think for most of us it is nothing more than a lark. But it is pretty cool to be able to attach a title to my name.

Give Me The Good Word Brother.

From where dost thou preach?