At Moonlight Great Heroes Step Forward

Tariel Silvertree- Adorned with the holy symbol of Ursolas, the Moon Goddess, this High Elf from the Forest of Llyrhh has been traveling with Mortitasgus (who she calls tasgi) for over 8 years. Outspoken (one might say rude at times), intelligent and wise she seeks to right the wrongs in the world and to further understand the great evils. She became a priestess so she could help people and speaks often of her younger sister, who she cares for more than anything. She does not seem that distressed by the Tomb of Horrors or the City that Waits and with grim determination has sworn to defeat Acheronius.

Moritasgus Croy- This elf stands over 6 feet tall, his skin is tinged with red and his hair has a shocking streak of the same color running right down the center of his black mane. It is assumed this is due to his dabbling in the arts of wild magic. He dresses in shades of black and red, and although he might seem like a severe individual, one need only spend a single evening with him to discover that he is man of taste, fond of the arts, and more than willing to engage in discussions in many topics. He only allows Tariel to call him Tasgi, but so far the only other name he has been called has been.... Roundy.

Dr. Midnight- Crusader for justice, masked avenger, crimfighter, armed with with the cold steel of vengenance Dr. Midnight has seen alot (don't ask him about Frances Wormer), and vows the defeat of Acheronius and Jada th marilith. He's in love with Puddinhead, and thinks and woman is in love with him, thinks he's the party leader.... He's got some issues.

Rimer Harlis- Stoic Priest of Yahr. No-nonsense, is more than happy to give a mail toed boot in the ass to anyone who doesn't fall in line (everyone in the party). His god has asked him to stop this evil. He is a great warrior from the Mandalorian Empire, and although his views may differ from the rest of the party's their ultimate goal is the same. He wields a great claymore enchanted with the magic of the Sun. Does not appreciate being called Roundy by Dr. Midnight (who he considers a buffoon. Using teh wand of Wonder and the Chaos it represents haunts him to this day, now his quest to detroy Acheronius is the only way his conscience will be cleard of this transgression.

Jaxon Kith- A Gladiator who made his name in the Antioch arena, armed with two short swords he claims to be the greatest warrior in the land. Perhaps it's bluster, but at thsi point the party is just happy to have him, and personal differences will be settled later.

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