Acheronius 25, Band 3

The scoring started out slowly, with Nepiol actually dying first, but that was ruled invalid as his ring of regeneration brought him back to life. Perhaps angry at being denied, Nepiol was the demi-lich's first score, when he drew from the Deck of Many Things. Aerik was the demi-lichs second score, dying of fright at the gate to the City of Skulls.

Aerik went down again when a pit trap opened and his delicate skin was pierced with the spikes at the bottom which were coated with posion. Brought back to life, Aerik had definitely lost his lust for life and continued forth into the Tomb, entering the mist filled arch. He has not been heard from since.

Acheronius was quiet for awhile, finally striking again when the party went ethereal. The tanar'ri guardians slew Silk first, then Theran and lastly Grunther. Rainsong kept going down, but due to a spell cast upon her by Theran kept coming back.

Rainsong was the next to go down falling yet another pit.

Rainsong was brought back to life and it is presumed became lost in the Tomb and died when she was sucked in by one of the Green Mouths in the Room of Pillars.

Skippy was sucked through another one of teh mouths and met his end at the handless attacks of animated swords, 18 of them to be exact.

Theran touched the scepter and crown together and turned to dust.

Silk wandered off, most likely in search of more treasure.

Tasqi was blown away by Force Missiles cast by Lady Ferranifir.

Tariel was turned to stone.

After being saved from permamnet imprisonment by the Starless Knights, Lerxst was lost when Keldrake continually tried to open a cabinet that kept putting out all the light sources and giving everyone a real bad feeling. Dr. Midnight was momentarily lost , but he says he was just teleported outside the tower and he flew back in.

Keldrake died from bleeding after his rematch with The Lord High Exultant.

Keldrake, Tariel and Tasgi died from their encounter with the Vestige.

Dr. Midnight had the life and breath and... sucked out of him on the quasielemental plane of vacuum.

They found the brine dragon, and the key mentioned in the riddle.

Keldrake's heart stopped, due to teh extreme cold of the briny water.

Brought back to life, he had but moments of life before a cursed necklace from the dragon's hoard killed him again.

Keldrake and Reynald were frozen by the magic of the Darkweaver's lair and in the darkness vanished, to become appetizers for this fiend.

Tariel, Tasgi and Dr. midnight all became lost in the lair and lay dying as teh building crumbled to the ground dropping them into the void below where their life was sucked from them.

Fallen are these heroes.

Aerik Silverblade-This charming half-elf has extensively traveled the land, leaving behind his trademark rose on the pillow of lovers in cities far and wide. He has been known to best a foe with his sabre, as well as steal a small handful of gems from the Kingís treasury (he was an evil King, Aerik claims) and devastate (or charm) his foes with his arsenal of spells. Normally this sort of diversity is reserved only for the bards of the land, but Aerik cares not for entertaining crowds. His form of entertaining works best in a "one on one" setting. Atop the cliff overlooking Desatyssoís keep, a mountain giant took a fancy to Aerik and cuddled with him as he slept. This turned his skin an unhealthy shade of white with fear. His oldest friend in the Band, Nepiol, later cleansed him from the filthiness he felt permeated him. Aerik watched with fear as his friend Nepiol flirted with and ultimately met destruction with the fateful Deck of Many Things Skippy found within the bag given to them by Sather. This was too much for Aerik, a passionate individual, the loss of his best friend pushed him over the edge. The fire in his eyes was gone, he was defeated before he entered the swirling mists of the arch within Acheroniusí Tomb. After entering these mists though, he joined the ranks of he many who have fallen prey to the Tombís deadly traps.

Nepiol Vassacheron-This elf claims to have been born of mixed parentage, part aquatic elf, part high elf. His skin has a slight blue pallor and he often breaks out into sweats when away from "The Mighty Waters of the Great Tiburon!!!" for an extended period of time. He travels with this group, providing them with his diverse skills as a Stormlord of Tiburon, and preaching to anyone that will listen to his rock-salt and sea-air (hell-fire and brimstone just isnít appropriate) speeches. In homage to the god he so devoutly follows, he is armed with a great trident, one seemingly made especially for him, or at least one who shares his love of the sea. Strapped at his side is a heavy crossbow which he uses with similar skill, and exceptional speed. Although the other party members may not follow Tiburon directly, Nepiol makes sure that they pay tribute to him in exchange for "the services he allows me to perform for you!". Nepiol was a great leader, determined to always move forward. At times, his actions seemed almost too controlled for a priest of Tiburon. With Skippy acquiring a Deck of Many Things, though, Nepiolís true nature was revealed. He chose to draw four times from this magical deck known to either reward or punish any who drew from it. Each card he drew was black, with the last stealing his soul, his life essence. The deck vanished from his hands, and he stood before his party members, a soul-less shell. The body worked, but their was no mind. Perhaps Tiburon was happy that one so dedicated had destroyed himself. His party-members returned with him to Panderlach, and mercifully ended his life. They then performed a brief funeral service before tossing him into the sea where they watched as his body turned to water itself.

Grunther- Grunther tough. No one tougher than Grunther. Grunther been to Tomb before. Bad place, most friends die. Falon die. Me and pretty Sather have funeral for him. Wizard guy not come to funeral. Grunther lose hand in big green mouth. Big green mouth bad. Grunther valiantly fought againts the Tanar'ri when the party went ethereal. He dropped several with the great blows from his mighty axe. When he finally realized that Rainsong was missing he ran after her with the screaming Dr. Midnight over his shoulder. Apparently his knowledge of maps and adventuring helped him find her. Running back to join his new friends whiel shouting out "Who tougher than Grunther?!?!" he found all but Skippy and Reynald had been dropped by these fiends. Skippy was currently being held tight by teh marilith. Grunther pulled Skippy free and fought the beast himself. The seven arms of the creature dropped Grunther and with the fates of everone in question Skippy cast a wild-mage teleport spell. Due to the hectic battle, no one was able to grab Grunther's body.

RainsongóThis "barbarian" from the Nomad Tribes has adventured enough in the civilized world to tolerate the bizarre magics used by both her party members and enemies that she doesnít run in fear anymore. Good thing too, as she has shown herself to be an excellent warrior with her trademark bow (which when equipped with valuable gems, has the power to fire arrows of fire, electric or cold), enchanted bear-tooth dagger and hand-made spear. Not physically imposing, she has on occasion carried two of her party members over her shoulders as they retreated from some god-forsaken dungeon. Rainsong entered the room of pillars and accidentally touched one of the pillars which caused her to rise up into the air and float towards one of the green mouths located high up on the wall. The party found her goods in the demi-lichís tomb which is where the good Drís goods were located. Sadly though, Dr. Midnight did not come across a naked Rainsong when he re-entered the tomb.

Skiptherius PedersunóWeaving the ambient injuries that surround everyone into spells of (at-times) questionable power, this wild-mage has the potential to be a truly frightening force with his spell-casting ability. Often times though he is seen studying some obscure object intently, or even just staring out into what we all see as the air around us. He, of course, sees nothing but raw magical energy, waiting to be tapped into. As a wild-mage he has been the recipient of both good and bad wild surges, one of the more memorable left him buck naked on a cliff face in the middle of winter. Being a wild-mage (and therefore slightly scatter-brained when it comes to common sense) he didnít have a spare set in his backpack. Oh well, he looks dashing enough in Nepiolís spare tabard. Skipterius always seemed a little overwhelmed with teh infinite power available to him, always poring through his spellbook trying to figure the best spell for a particular occasion. He met hsi final demise as he floated towards one of the green mouthís and ended up in a room where a booming voice challenged him to die slowly of hunger or to open the only door in sight and die quickly. Being Skippy (brave, stupid....?) he opened teh door and was assaulted by the numerous swords that were mounted on the wall, all of which animated and flew straight at him. This flurry of steel proved to be his undoing, some spells surely helped him prolong his life, but all to no avail.

Theran Blackforge- This hearty dwarf has fighting prowess that almost matches Rainsongís and much like "primitive" shamen derive clerical powers from the spirits of the animals and plants, he claims to have been chosen as a representative of his clan to go out into Terratha imbued with the spirits of all the heroes of dwarven lore. He has a special attraction towards Rainsong, who he jumps to the aid of whenever necessary. He often rushes into battle wielding his great maul, or if his short legs canít get him there fast enough he wields a lightning fast heavy crossbow. He is sworn to protect those of good alignment while destroying those of evil. Passionate and emotional, especially for a dwarf, his skills make him a valuable member of the Band. With rainsong and her notation of all the Riddles seemingly dead, the burden of mentally navigating himself and Dr. midnight through the Tomb lay on his shoulders, Theran picked up the crown and scepter that lay on the throne and touched them to each other. All he is now is dust in the wind.

Silk- This high-elf companion of Doctor Midnight informed the band that they entered the Tomb with seven other party members. He and Doctor Midnight are the only surviving members. Silk seemed to not enjoy being called Roundy by Doctor Midnight, but smiled slightly whenever he did so. He is a skilled spellcaster and rogue armed with a longsword and often slinks back into the shadows to cast his spells while letting the more capable fighters in the group handle the melee. Quiet, but by no means passive Silk seems more than willing to let his flamboyant companion take all the attention while he goes about his business utilizing his skills to their best application. Apparently Silk stole off one night, perhaps looking to add some more gold to his pack. No one knows what happened to him.

Lerxst- No one was able to find out much about this young woman. Seh spoke a language unknown to them and came crashing forward from teh magical mirror when the party released Keldrake. Through Tasgi's magic, they were able to understand and communicate with her. Seems she had been gambling in teh city of oil and the next she knew she was with them. She couldn't remember where she came from, and her memory preceded the Great Deluge. She perished when Keldrake kept trying to open a cabinet that extinguished all light sources and gave everyone a bad magic feeling.

Reynald- The Band came across this pseudo-sage at Ahrensí when requesting additional information from the sage. Reynald is a man specializing in all types of arcane lore and information long since considered lost. But while a sage finds his information in dusty tomes and arenít known much for their adventuring spirit, Reynald prides himself on his ability to go out in search of his tales and lore. Hearing of the Bandís search he has decided to accompany them for the time being, at least until he gathers some information about something long forgotten. Venturing into the Tomb of Acheronius, this is likely to happen very soon; how much more info and how much danger he wants to subject himself to is the really big question... He did retreat from the Tomb, but when a mysterious woman with ivory skin offered him an obscene amount of money to investigate something that hasnít been seen in thousands of years, it was more than he could refuse. She threw the demi-lich dust on him and pushed him through the portal. He finally caught up with the other living creatures in this city, recognizing only Dr. Midnight. He met his demise in the lair of the Darkweaver, first falling prey to the lairís immobilizing magics and then vanishing as the darkweaver teleported in to grab him. He was very tasty.

Keldrake Windwalker- This ratty black haired warrior is armed with many weapons including a katana, two handed sword, morning star and axe. His prowess with all of these weapons is quite evident, and he talks of having travled Terratha working for various employers. He hasn't spoken much about how he came to the City That Waits, but it is clear he had no idea who Acheronius was before Tariel filled him in. He enjoys wine and instead of standing around doing nothing would rather grab a bottle and sit himself down somewhere. He fought admirably against the Lord High Exultant and (believe it or not) seems flashier than Dr. Midnight when wielding his weapons. But his combat style is definitely more attuned to straight-forward damage delivering. He became disoriented and lost in teh Drakweaver's lair and eventually was stolen by the fiend. He was not as tasty as Reynald, due no doubt to his having been cursed to be ugly by the wand. At least he died thinking he was handsome.