Each week, one character stands out and is rewarded for their efforts.

Leading up to his partial demise being crushed by a boulder, Nepiol had proven his worth by keeping the party focused as they battled undead in Panderlach; searched for their origin; journeyed to Desatyssoís ruined keep and searched for any clues that might lead them deeper into this mystery. His good friend Aerik, normally the one to search for traps and open doors, was in a bit of a funk due to an uneasy feeling he had about this whole situation. His friend, more used to adventuring in cities, glamorous or seedy, seemed a bit unnerved at the vastness of their situation. Nepiol quickly stepped up with unbridled enthusiasm.

Journeying deep into the Dire Fens, looking for the Tomb of Acheronius, Rainsong got past her healthy fear of undead (which were everywhere) and once again proved that Rainsong strong, nothing stop Rainsong. Because of her prowess in battle, two members of the Dim Triad were utterly destroyed and they made their way into the Tomb with minimal damages. Once inside Rainsong proved the adage wrong that "barbarians" are stupid by writing down the warnings and riddles left by Acheronius.

Although he had made it through the Tomb once before, Grunther really did seem to not have much of a clue what to do. Although his simple mind responded to most any idea, it was he who first squeezed his way through the black circle, by no means was this extraordinary. When the party went ethereal, Grunther cleaved fiend-flesh in grand fashion, but that is to be expected. Grunther's last stand was what truly made him most valuable. Realizing his skills at orienteering and leading groups through uncharted lands might be of use, it was he who was able to navigate through the ethereal to find Rainsong, who had run in fear from the fiends. He was able to get to her just before her life-energy slipped away, give her his potion of healing, and with the insanely screaming Doctor Midnight in tow ran back to join the fray. Re-entering the battle with a cry of "Who tougher than Grunther?!?!" he found all but Skippy and Reynald down. Skippy was probably close to death as a marilith had him in it's snakey grasp. Grunther easily pulled him free and distracted her so he could try one last spelll for them to escape. The marilith easily slew Grunther (who had already taken a significant amount of damage) with her six arms. The party was not able to teleport him out of that infernal plane, so now his soul has passed into the Walker's hands. But it was his brains (???) and valor that gave the party the oppurtunity to escape certain death.

Brought back to life by Theran, Rainsong, who all along has been uncomfortable in this Tomb of Death (as she calls it) was the only one smart enough to write down (yes, Rainsong can write) the riddles and clues they have found along the way. After they all almost met their doom courtesy of lava and it seemed they had expended all their options, Rainsong remembered the introductory riddle and itís mention of two pits. She might had brought this earlier, but, well, she was dead, and didnít know about teh second pit (the one she died in). It was also her who has encouraged/ reminded Skippy to use his spells to look for hidden passageways. She also reminded the party that they were to be on the lookout for a juggernaut and green slime.

Doctor MidnightóThe good Dr. was the only one to survive the final descent into the tomb. Yes, at times he was buck naked armed with nothing but a simple eating knife, but his persistence and diligence paid off in no way money can buy (he is still alive). He had fun hanging from the ceiling as a bat, was frightened (again) by a horrific mummy, and when he finally did find his clothes and rapiers was his flamboyant self once again. He also made a friend for life in the High Mook Bozak who seemed quite taken with Dr. Midnightís sense of style and had his personal tailor make Dr. midnight many sets of clothes, including a very stylish fur coat to protect against the winter chill. When we last left the Dr. he was cozying up to the elf-maiden Tariel and giving her a backrub.

Although he started out in a magical sleep, lost his intelligence and strength momentarily, lost a finger, gained a nipple, had no magic energy of his own, wields a wand everyone is afraid of, Tasgi put in a good thinking manís performance this past week. From the back of the party his words of wisdom, suggestions, insights and ideas did not go unnoticed this week. It just goes to prove that anyone can be a hero. Plus, it incensed Dr. Midnight alot when he found out what a stud Tasgi is. An accomplished masseuse, gourmet cook (who knew rations could taste so good), and expert in the proverbial sack, Tasgiís possible past relationship with Tariel made the good Dr. quite mad and flustered. Plus he determined that the wine they found was still good. Keldrake must be especially happy about this, given that he drank two bottles by himself.

All the quiet seems to be helping Dr. Midnightís mind clear up. Justice seems to be helping him focus. He suggested that he should test out all the bridges in this city of nowhere, and luckily he did, as soon after one of the bridges collapsed right under him. He was also the first with the initiative regarding the hourglass and figured they should turn it over and over again once time had expired. He valiantly threw himself in harmís way for the sake of his companions and even spent some time in the slumber of death trying to save everyone else. For this he shall be remembered and rewarded. Justice will prevail.

Rimer stepped into the party and selflessly worked towards their goal of finding and defeating Acheronius. Although not a healer like most traditional priests, his spells have provided some helpful benefits and his prowess with his sword is matched only by the good Dr. and Keldrake. Rimerís obvious experience leading troops has proved to be quite a benefit to this disorderly group. After the battle with the brine dragon, and the were stuck in an underwater cavern holding their breath, fighting back hypothermia, Rimer quickly jumped to the aid of Tariel and dragged her out and after that he dove from the 70+ foot high platform (albeit ungracefully) back into the freezing waters, fighting back his own cold to grab Keldrake, whose body lay floating on the surface of the briny water. He also has no idea who made Dr. Midnight into such a potty mouth when for a brief span the good Dr. was buddy-buddy with Reynald and Keldrake and directed quite a potty-mouth towards Tariel.

Having been almost totally wiped out in the Darkweaverís lair, no one individual stood out this week, but Tasgiís Wand of Wonder saved the day as Rimer dropped into the void below the city and blew off charge after charge, hoping for a result that would not end in their deaths. His lungs collapsing from holding his breath, he felt the pull of the blackness all around him and with his last bit of energy the wand transported them all to presumed safety in a very unpleasant looking place.