For Justice!!!

The Current Vindicators (in alphabetical order, so as to avoid any arguments)...

Darkwalker--The Darkwalker is an outcast from an unknown dimension. His only companion is a black cat which only responds to him. He tends to shuffle from place to place, wearing a long, black robe and speaking little. Whether the Darkwalker has always been blind, or has simply transcended the need for sight may be debated. People mistrust him because he tends to appear at the same time as trouble. His skin is an unnatural gold color, and his eyes are vacuous black. He posesses powers of mind control and magic. He tends to transform into a ghostlike form and remain strapped to Dervish's back while jumping around from body to body.

Dervish-- Claude McAndrews was like most kids growing up in a depressed city, he spent most of his time skipping school, smoking cigarettes, and hanging out down at the park playing basketball. However, while everyone else tried to be the next Michael Jordan, Claude was happy to mix it up under the boards and pass the ball off. However, as he entered puberty, a strange change came over Claude (some say it has to do with the water in Binghamton), he started to get stronger and faster, and over time, he realized his growth and changes weren't normal and finally tapped into his powers; he started blowing past all the other kids on the court and went to UNC on a full scholarship (after graduating high school a year early). He took the Tar Heels to three national championships while leading the nation in scoring, and he actually graduated in his third year, Magna Cum Laude and entered the NBA. Drafted first overall by the ever-lowly Los Angeles Clippers, he took them to the NBA championship in his first year, leading the NBA in scoring and becoming the first player since Oscar Robertson to average a triple-double. Now 21 years old, and with the NBA lockout in effect, Claude got bored sitting around and taking naps so he made a costume for himself and has decided to give back to the community, in the guise of Dervish. He has developed a reputation of speed and strength, but there are times when he gets a little out of hand and does some damage to the city. Often times, a week or so later, LAs second favorite son (behind that showboater the Phoenix), Claude McAndrews, is seen donating some money to help with the rebuilding and repairs. When fighting crime, Dervish stands over 12 feet tall and is startlingly fast. With razor sharp claws he can either rip apart his opponents or burrow into the ground. His over-developed legs allow him to leap great heights into the air. Probably the second strongest member of teh Vindicators in a straight HTH brawl, but he usually spends his time trying to help his teammates and create problems for the villains. He leaves the bashing to Mister Density. Dervish has taken on the role of leader, ofetn times getting teh team into hot water with his views on team-work. no one on the Vindicators doubts his dedication to the team, but those glory-houds (as he calls them) tend to think twice about his sincerity. He tends to take alot of naps, due perhaps to his accomplishing most tasks with lightning speed.

Dr. Midnight-- Dr. Midnight was born Frances Humphrey Wormer some unknown years ago in an unknown place. His parents are as yet also unknown. All that is known is that in 1992 Frances Wormer was institutionalized for "disturbing behavior" on the streets of New York. Doctors, psychiatrists, clairvoyants studied him for years; no one could make any guess as to what was wrong with him. He wouldn't stop yammering and drooling and retaining other unfocused traits familiar to the clinically mad. No progress was made. Then, on one bright fall afternoon in 1997, hospital orderly Leonard McCohen, 23, turned on the television for Frances and others in the room, as he didevery day. On this day was showing the film "The Mark Of Zorro". Frances sat transfixed, focused for the first time. McCohen turned the television off at the end of the movie, and asked "Well, did we like that movie, Frances?" to which Wormer spoke clearly for the only known time in his admittance at the hospital: "Yes, Roundie, we did.". McCohen, shocked, ran to fetch the doctors. When he returned with Doctor Ian Van Hamner (The scientist studying Wormer most avidly at the time), they found Wormer gone. The windows had been covered with reinforced iron bars, but the west window was smashed out regardless. The only clue left behind were some of the other patients muttering "Fort just sticks! Fort just sticks!" over and over. Most had to be sedated. Some three weeks later, reports of a bizarre caped and masked crimefighter began rising out of Hell's Kitchen. The crimefighter went by the name Dr. Midnight, according to criminal testimony. Resembling the pulp hero Zorro, he posesses extraordinary fighting skills and agility. He is believed to manifest powers of darkness, although these rumors are unsubstantiated and ludicrous. He's been confronted several times by police, but no arrest has been made. To this day, despite the coincidal nature of both Midnight and Wormer, no suggestion has been alleged that they are one and the same. Police have deemed him as "unstable but quite harmless to anyone but criminals". Leonard McCohen continues to work in the Blessed Heart Hospital's psychiatric ward, and Doctor Van Hamner now resides in Brazil where he is a successful novelist. Dr Midnight has control over the night, bending teh darkness to his will, forming impenetrable walls and delivering devastating blows withe the dark all around his foes. His presence tends to frighten weak-willed mooks, who run in fear from the good Dr. He is armed with a rapier and is certainly the flashiest member of the Vindicators. During the nights, he prowlsthe streets, and since the Vindicators have established a base, does not have to sleep on them during the day.

Mister Density-- Five years ago, film star Zane Cavanaugh, famous for such movies as 'Bloodfist I thru IV', 'The Annihilator' and 'Meltdown', was exposed to a radioactive spill when a tanker crashed into his custom Lamborghini and dumped a bunch of green, glowing shit thru his driver side window. The usual happened and Zane soon found he had the abilities to blow things up and make his body "thick as a brick" He used his newfound powers to not only subtly make his stunts more fantastic, but he realized he had a responsibility to use them for less frivolous activities....such as saving the world every once in a while. Over the years he has made many enemies: Piledriver, The Torso, Salamander, Manticore......but most of all, he has been bedeviled by the nefarious supervillain known only as .....Revenant. Mister Density is just that. Weighning in at over 6 tons, he has strength enough to topple buildings. Once he sets his mind to it, he cannot be moved or taken down in a battle. He claims to have never met a foe who could knock him down in a slugging match. He has shown himself to be a good spokesperson for the team, no doubt due to his moviestar status. Although he isn't trsuted by all of teh media and fellow super-heroes, he is willing to endure the slings and arrows of all the doubters.